Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process?

After you contact us, we will set up a consultation to discuss what will best fit your needs.  We will then take that information, draw up a model and proposal based upon your ideas.  Once you have approved the plans and submitted payment, we will set up a time to begin your new build!

How long will it take?

Once plans are approved, we will apply for any needed permits. When those permits are obtained from the city, We’re Out Back will begin construction based on our next available date. From there, weather permitting, your basic unfinished building will take roughly 3 weeks to construct. Units that have more custom details will take approximately 4-6 weeks (based upon complexity).

What sizes do you build?

We are flexible when it comes to the size you may need, however, our most common building sizes are:

  • 8′ X 8′
  • 8′ X 10′
  • 8′ X 12′
  • 10′ X 12′
  • 12′ X 14′

Are permits needed?

It will depend on the size and amenities you are requesting. In Austin, Texas, most outdoor spaces under 200 square feet will not need a building permit. However, adding electric and/or plumbing to a unit will require a city permit.

What are your prices?

Because we can customize your building, our prices will vary depending upon what you request. However, our basic unfinished 8′ X 8′ building starts at $12,000.